3rd Review of Management and Economic Engineering


13th-15th Sept 2012 TUC-N, ROMANIA

Contact: Calea Dorobantilor 71-73, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel: +40 0264.462.481 conference@rmee.org


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Until few years ago, balancing between East and West seemed to be a dilemma for some of the post-communist countries. Now it seem to be a dilemma for the whole world economy. Between Western shaken economies and Eastern emerging economies. Between Western declining  and Eastern growing populations. Between Western style of management and Eastern style of management. Between Western dominance and Eastern desire to play a more important role.

But the question is how will management theory and practice adapt to this dilemma? How will organizations adapt to the differences between the ways of thinking: Easterners see things in context, while Westerners focus on the point at hand; the former are dependent, the latter independent; the former are holistic, the latter analytic. There's a social aspect to these differences: Asians are collectivistic, Westerners individualistic (Alberts H., Forbes Magazine, 2009).

Review of Management and Economic Engineering is looking for contributions able to bring useful insights in these dilemmas. Around 50 papers will be accepted, following a review of submitted abstracts by the conveners. Please note that only papers connected with or relevant for the general theme of the conference will be accepted.

Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to interact in depth and share insights in a stimulating environment. Special events and remarcable key-note speakers will add a great value to the conference.


Abstract submission (max. 1000 words)

15th of May 2012


31st of May 2012

Full paper submission

1st of August 2012

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15th of August 2012

Please send the abstract at: conference@rmee.org

Full papers should follow rigorous publishing standards. A template will be available on the conference web-site after 1st of June 2012.